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Copernicus Spa by L’Occitane
Opening hours
Monday - Sunday: 09.00 - 21.00
L’Occitane is a French natural cosmetic brand. Products and Protocols are inspired by Nature. Spa by L’Occitane combines proven efficacy products and expert protocols to create a true Wellness moment. Every gesture, every ingredient, every ritual is drawn from a page of the L’Occitane grand Herbarium, a resource of hundreds of essential oils and natural ingredients. The escape begins with scent. From the moment you enter the Copernicus Spa by L’Occitane, the fragrances transport you to start your sensorial journey …

In order to purchase the package and determine the date of use please contact:
tel.: +48 12 424 34 00
e-mail: copernicus@hotel.com.pl

Above rate is non commissionable, available only with direct reservation at the hotel.

  The quality of water in the swimming pool meets the requirements of the Regulation of the Minister of
Health of 09/11/2015 on the requirements for water in swimming pools.
SPA Packages
1200 PLN

Package includes:
salt body scrub (salt from Wieliczka Salt Mine)
relaxing aromachologie body massage
Immortelle secret of youth - facial
3 course lunch with a glass of Champagne
access to the swimming pool and sauna
Duration: 6 hours.
available from Monday to Sunday
Terms & Conditions.
we offer You a list of exceptional treatments prepared by L'Occitane therapists
   Body massage and treatments
"Sleep & Reset" Massage
  90 min. | 440 PLN
Mimicking the sleep cycle, this 90-minute massage uses unique rituals to prepare your body for a well-deserved sleep! The massage begins with guided breathing techniques using a special blend of essential oils designed lull you into relaxation. The increasing intensity of movements on the whole body promote to evacuate negative energies and bring a total well-being from head to foot. Nervous tensions seem fade away and the body finds a feeling of serenity. A specific massage to unwind the mind and recover from accumulated fatigue!
  60 min. | 350 PLN
  90 min. | 440 PLN
This massage combines Lomi Lomi deep pressures, acupressure points and gentle stretching. lt eases muscular tension, with а focus on the back, shoulders & neck area. As а result, the whole body feels refreshed and deeply rebalanced. Ideal for sportsmen / women & travellers to quickly recover from jet-lag.
  60 min. | 350 PLN
  90 min. | 440 PLN
Swedish effleurage, Chinese acupressure and Balinese massage technique соте together to stimulate circulation and ease tensions & relieve stress. The body and mind feel truly calm; sleep сап come more easily. Ideal for persons with sleeping problems.
  60 min. | 350 PLN
This massage combines gentle Swedish effleurages, deeper-pressure Lomi Lomi and Balinese movements to re-invigorate the body & mind. Massage sequence will follow the blood flow to stimulate circulation. Ideal for persons with chronic tiredness.
90 min. | 440 PLN
А truly holistic massage that treats the whole body and face, for а complete well-being experience. It combines slow, soothing gestures with the fabulous properties of Shea butter. The comforting movements of the Balinese and Swedish techniques, gently applied all over the body and face, соте together with the generous formula of Shea Fabulous Oil for body and hair. Enriched with 5% pure Shea oil, and various plant oils (sunflower, baobab, carrot), it helps deliver unique nourishing, repairing and protecting benefits to the skin in а soft lightweight texture. All at once, the skin is transformed and the body deeply soothed. You feel truly comforted; your mind reaches а peaceful state of tranquility.
  25 min. | 240 PLN
This Relaxing Massage more specially targets the back, shoulder and scruff, to help release tensions & stress.
Foot Relief with Essential Oils
  25 min. | 190 PLN
The feet are one of the most mistreated parts of the body. Under daily pressure from the body, shoes, walking and physical activities, the feet deserve as much care and attention as the rest of the body. A comforting and relaxing foot massage, combining smoothing strokes and deep circular movements with a Revitalizng essential oil blend, helps the body to unwind, improve blood circulation and release tensions! The feet & body feel lighter, ready for a new journey!
Almond Detoxifying Balance
  60 min. | 340 PLN
  90 min. | 420 PLN
Inspired by Lymphatic Drainage massage techniques, this treatment boosts circulation and promotes elimination of toxins & excess water. The skin feels nourished, supple, firmer and smoother due to the almond supple skin oil, rich in omega 6, 3 and camelina oil.
45 min. | 300 PLN
This body treatment is а whole body exfoliation, using Almond Supple skin oil associated to Local Salts from Wieliczka Body is perfectly polished and smoothed, deliciously fragranced with almond aromas.
  30 min. | 270 PLN
  60 min. | 340 PLN
This treatment is specially designed to address the specific needs of sensitive skin: The sequence focuses on strengthening and protecting the skin, through intensively nourishing Shea formulas, а very gentle exfoliation, and а cooling moment to soothe. As a result, skin is nourished, supple and experiences long-lasting comfort.
30 min. | 270 PLN
60 min. | 340 PLN
This facial effectively addresses the visilile signs of aging: wrinkles, skin slackening and lack of smoothness. As а result, skin will feel smoother and firmer, visibly younger-looking.
Immortelle Divine Secret
  90 min. | 440 PLN
This unique treatment prevents the aging process of the face, neck and cleavage. It combines the regenerating effects of 7 natural active ingredients with the organic essential oils of Immortelle and Mitru as well as lifting and shaping massage techniques to give the skin a younger look and deeply rejuvenate the dermis. The effect is amazing: deep wrinkles and fine lines will be smoother, the face contour will be tighter and the neckline will be silky smooth. The skin is radiant with the glow of youth!
Aqua Réotier Source of Hydration
  30 min. | 270 PLN
  60 min. | 340 PLN
This facial features a ultra-hydrating face care range - Aqua Reotier for healthy-looking skin. Enriched with Réotier water, hyaluronic acid and glycerin, this facial helps recharge skin with water, leaving it glowing with moisture and softness. Your skin is refreshed and radiant, it feels more plump.
Cade Skincare for Men
  30 min. | 270 PLN
  60 min. | 340 PLN
A selected treatment created for men's skin. Its formula starts with a deep cleansing of the facial skin, preparing it for the next stages of treatment. The treatment is completed with a facial massage that soothes and eliminates skin irritations. Thanks to the patented complex of Cade Rosemary Essential Oils, the Cade series has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The treatment brings relief, rejuvenates and protects the skin.ie.
  45 min. | 340 PLN
Reset your skin and mind from the intense everyday life, thanks to the comprehensive massage performed on the face and the scalp with L’OCCITANE’s HEROS RESET collection, associated with the used of exclusive beauty healing GUASHA STONES, provide naturally cool sensation. As a results, skin looks more youthful, better rested and fine lines appear less visible.

In order to make a reservation, please contact the reception

Rezerwacja: spa.copernicus@hotel.com.pl
tel. +48 12 424 34 22

A special COPERNICUS Spa by L'Occitane gift card is a unique gift for all those who want to surprise their loved ones

We encourage to make reservations in advance to ensure a convenient date

tel. +48 12 424 34 22

A special COPERNICUS Spa by L'Occitane gift card is a unique gift for all those who want to surprise their loved ones

We encourage to make reservations in advance to ensure a convenient date


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