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Cuisine: Polish court.
In our menu you will find mushrooms, quails, crayfish, asparagus and other precious products.
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Opening Hours

Mon. - Sun. / 12.00 - 23.00

Krzysztof Waś

I started my professional career in Cracow’s restaurants.
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Copernicus Restaurant

Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday: 12.00 - 23.00

Our renaissance inspired restaurant is based on polish royal cuisine. Copernicus stands for traditional recipes interpreted in an innovative manner by our talented Chef – Krzysztof Waś. In our menu you will find mushrooms, quails, crayfish, asparagus and other precious products. Copernicus restaurant has gathered a lot of prizes and awards – among others, the Michelin guide recommendation. In the glass-covered courtyard, guests can relax in the intimate library or in the bar. In the spring and summer season, we invite guests to enjoy drinks on the summer terrace which looks out on the majestic Wawel castle, domes and towers of churches as well as rooftops of the old town. Among the guests of the Copernicus were world leaders, artists and actors. We are honored to name George W. Bush – the president of the United States and Charles III, the King of the United Kingdom as our guests.

We invite you to discover our original cake offer prepared by our Confectioners.
We offer original cakes for baptisms, holy communions, weddings, and other special occasions. Each cake is made to individual preferences. The minimum size of a cake is 1.2 kg (10 pieces).

For orders, please contact us:
Email: restauracja@hotel.com.pl
Tel. +48 12 424 34 21
Summer terrace

The only such place in Krakow. An intimate atmosphere ensuring peace and quiet and an unprecedented view of the Wawel Royal Castle, presenting the former seat of Polish rulers in all its glory. In addition, a wide selection of drinks and wines straight from the rich vinotheque located in the hotel's cellars.
Chef de Cuisine - Krzysztof Waś
I started my professional career in Cracow’s restaurants, working among others with Chef Rafał Targosz. For the last 7 years, I was the Deputy Chef of Copernicus Restaurant – working under Marcin Filipkiewicz’s supervision. Working here, I had the opportunity to cook with Grand Chefs Relais & Chȃteaux Thomas Bühner***, Norbert Niederkofler***, Simon Taxacher**and others. In my work, I am inspired by Polish cuisine adding personal modern touches along the way. I like to combine local cuisine with international products. Asian cuisine is my second big inspiration. Apart from cooking, I travel a lot, discover new flavors and am an avid marathon runner.

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