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Copernicus Restaurant

Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday: 12.00 - 23.00

Our renaissance inspired restaurant is based on polish royal cuisine. Copernicus stands for traditional recipes interpreted in an innovative manner by our talented Chef – Marcin Filipkiewicz. In our menu you will find mushrooms, quails, crayfish, asparagus and other precious products. Copernicus restaurant has gathered a lot of prizes and awards – among others, the Michelin guide recommendation. In the glass-covered courtyard, guests can relax in the intimate library or in the bar. In the spring and summer season, we invite guests to enjoy drinks on the summer terrace which looks out on the majestic Wawel castle, domes and towers of churches as well as rooftops of the old town. Among the guests of the Copernicus were world leaders, artists and actors. We are honored to name George W. Bush – the president of the United States and Prince Charles of Wales as our guests.


Smoked salmon and avocado salad
49 PLN

Salami, rocket and artichokes
49 PLN

Italian mortadella and roasted peppers
49 PLN


Salad with free range chicken boiled in butter
49 PLN

Salad with celery and Baltic salmon
49 PLN

Salad with roasted duck and egg in filo pastry
49 PLN

Baltic herring with apple, onions marmalade and basil pesto
49 PLN

Beef tartare with marinated cucumber
49 PLN


Cucumber soup with veal sweetbreads and dill
39 PLN

Consommé with noodles and egg
39 PLN


Home-made gnocchi with tomatoes and fresh basil
59 PLN

Pearl barley stewed in honey with beetroot and black currant vinegar
59 PLN

Tagliatelle with beef tail and Rubin cheese
69 PLN

Jurassic salmon with sorrel cream and vegetables
79 PLN

Zander in butter sauce with buckwheat kasha and spinach chips
79 PLN

Veal ossobuco with pepper sauce and vegetables
79 PLN

Beef with red wine sauce and baby vegetables
79 PLN

Heifer steak with truffle potatoes
89 PLN


Ice cream and sorbets with fresh fruits
39 PLN

Cracow kremówka ( napoleonka ) – cream pie
39 PLN

Pancakes with apple and saffron orange sauce
39 PLN

Chocolate fondant with black currant ice cream
39 PLN

A selection of cheese with stewed onion and cranberries
59 PLN

The above dishes are served between 12.00 – 15.00

MARCH, 2020

Bundz (sheep cheese) with mead, nasturtium and rapeseed oil

Beetroot salad with elderberry vinegar, hummus and pine seeds

Jurassic salmon with wasabi and Łackie apple jelly

Emmer wheat with octopus and Brussels sprouts salad

Beef tripe with river crayfish and marjoram

Forest mushrooms consommé with goose stuffed dumplings

Zander with cabbage, butter sauce and pine oil

Cod with spinach and sunflower seeds risotto

Lamb from Podhale with beer and pears

Cracow’s maczanka with celery roasted in salt from Wieliczka

“PASTA” - ginger mousse with white chocolate and apricots

Jerusalem artichoke in caramel with muscovado

A selection of cheeses with stewed onion and pear mustard
69 PLN

Antonius Siberian Caviar****( 30g ) with toasts and sour cream
275 PLN

5-course menu
220 PLN

7-course menu
300 PLN

12-course menu
430 PLN

Service is not included

Chef de Cuisine – Marcin Filipkiewicz
Gathered his experiences in several restaurants in Cracow, in Italy and in France. He had the honor to cook for many rulers, prelates, artists and actors form all over the world, He won the 1st prize in the second edition of Wine & Food Noble Night 2009. In the kitchen, he likes to combine different styles but the foundations are always derived from French and Italian cuisine. He appreciates the principle that the main flavor is dominant while the others – such as sauces and add-ons, serve to emphasize the depth and complete the dish. He appreciates the Polish tradition. With the help of modern techniques and innovative thinking about cooking, he tries to move away from the stereotypes of our native cuisine. He therefore creates light and aesthetically pleasing dishes. His work is far from molecular kitchen, although he uses some of the techniques to decorate his dishes. He admires supporters of classical cuisine such as Alain Ducasse as well as culinary revolutionists such as Granta Achatza or Petera Gilmore.
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